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Water Conditioning by WRI

                  Royal Knight

 The Royal Knight water processor  is  another quality  water system by Water Resources Int. This system is  THREE tanks in one :

      1.  A blow molded A.B.S inner tank.
      2.  A  thermo wound fiberglass center tank.
      3.  A space age metallic corrosion free powder coated outer tank .

 And  it has 3 functions in one :

      FIRST - A Quartz filter bed removes solid matter from the water .
      SECOND -  it is a softener our exclusive C-249  commercial resin is  guaranteed for 10 years.
      THIRD - it is a refiner . The high capacity activated carbon is designed to remove bad taste and odor.

       Features include : Water saving metered regeneration, Noryl valve,  

metallic jacket,  integrated Noryl by-pass, 1 inch port for true commercial capacity and flow rates.

      WARRANTY-  A major consideration should be placed on  company 's confidence in what they sell. 

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